Challenging and transforming businesses

I’m a Digital Strategist with a simple proposition – to enable my clients to put digital at the heart of everything they do.

Digital is empowering consumers, disturbing established business models, cutting costs and creating new commercial opportunities. But for many businesses it is also exposing both operational and reputational risks as well as gaps between opportunities and capabilities.

The breakneck pace of digital change will not only continue but is set to accelerate. Digital disruption presents fresh challenges for businesses to adapt, remain competitive and ultimately stay relevant to customers.

What I do

My work revolves around digital transformation. It usually starts with some big questions:

  • Is digital really aligned with the business strategy?
  • Are commercial, marketing and other opportunities being harnessed?
  • How to embed a digital culture within a business?
  • Does the business have the structures, capabilities and technologies needed?
  • How are risks, both within your business and outside, being identified and managed?

How I do it

Through facilitation, research and analysis, I develop digital strategies that:

  • Are compelling and customer centric
  • Fit with the business strategy
  • Leverage data and customer insights
  • Focus on the most appropriate channels
  • Deliver maximum return on investment

To support clients to execute those strategies, I plan and prioritise, build knowledge, restructure and mentor teams, identify suppliers and often troubleshoot problems as they arise.

What I deliver

The outputs from my work include:

  • Digital strategy plans
  • Business cases
  • Digital marketing evaluations
  • Audience, channel and competitive research
  • Audits of digital channels
  • Social media strategies
  • Content marketing strategies
  • Website, mobile, eCommerce and intranet specifications
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Digital skills training programmes

Why I’m different

I advocate for customers. I challenge. I stress test. I’m independent, with no vested interest other than to enable and support clients to leverage new digital frontiers.

I draw on a lifetime’s experience in media and a focus on audiences. Initially, I worked at a senior level in traditional media where I developed new propositions, including The Sunday Business Post. Latterly my experience has been in digital media, with its multiplicity of channels and potential complexity, and assisting clients with the media they own, they earn or they seek to influence.

Who I work with

Since 2000, I have acted as a strategic adviser to business owners, CEOs, senior executives and their client teams. My clients have been PLCs, B2B and B2C companies, high potential start-ups, professional services firms, industry associations and State bodies.

Working across multiple sectors – financial services, utilities, tourism, transport, software, consumer goods, among others – allows me to draw on a varied range of experiences, corporate cultures and levels of digital maturity.

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